Ensure that your NeoStrata products are authentic.

To find an authorized dermatologist, plastic surgeon, Aesthetic GP or Medical Spa near you, view our NEOSTRATA authorised retail partners list:

For online purchases visit our NEOSTRATA online retailers:

What is Diversion?

Diversion is when products are sold in “unauthorized” places. For example, only listed partners and websites are authorized to sell genuine NeoStrata products. NeoStrata products that you find outside of a listed doctors room are considered to be “diverted.”

Why is Diversion bad?

Counterfeiting and product diversion is not only illegal, but also dangerous to your health. Please be aware that if you purchase from an institution not listed as authorized the product(s) may be diluted, fake, or harmful, expired and may not be safe to use or perform as tested. NeoStrata will not take any responsibility for the purchasers’ dissatisfaction.

Who is Diverting Products?

Products are diverted by unauthorized distributors, websites, salons or their employees, plus other dishonest individuals who see profit in piracy.

What Can You Do to Help Stop Diversion?

Don’t risk it, don’t buy it! And tell your friends about the potential danger of diverted products! If you see a NeoStrata product for sale outside a doctor’s room or medical spa, please Click Here to send us an email with the city, province, and name of the location or website where you saw the products. We will conduct a full investigation.