For over 40 years, NEOSTRATA® has been empowering people to change the story of their skin. We discovered the benefits of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) & Polyhydroxy Acids (PHAs), and precisely formulate products to correct multiple types of visible discoloration through skin renewal.  We are a dermatologist born brand, offering groundbreaking skin inclusive solutions, embracing different types of skin discoloration for a renewed, healthier-looking, face-forward future. 

The NEOSTRATA® difference.

Our products exfoliate the surface layers of your skin, revealing fresh, new layers.

We develop our products at the pH level that your skin absorbs most effectively.

We target the building blocks of skin’s matrix for long-term results.

We have been researching topical skincare ingredients for over 40 years, discovering and patenting some of the best-known technologies, like Glycolic Acid, which have been licensed within the skincare industry worldwide.

  • 1974

    Alpha Hydroxy Acids

    A breakthrough discovery by our founders, Alpha Hydroxy Acids are a family of naturally occurring acids that have the unique ability to slough away surface skin cells to reveal new healthy ones for softer, smoother, less visibly lined skin.
  • 1994

    Polyhydroxy Acids

    2nd generation hydroxy acids. Polyhydroxy Acids (PHAs) are similar to AHAs but provide high-strength antiaging benefits without irritation – an ideal choice for sensitive skin types.
  • 2000

    Bionic Polyhydroxy Acids

    3rd generation hydroxy acids. Bionic Polyhydroxy Acids are non-irritating, but they are also strong chelators and humectants – ideal for very dehydrated, dry skin types.


  • 2007


    Only available from NEOSTRATA®, this non-acid amino sugar technology is a building block of skin’s natural filler hyaluronic acid and is an advanced molecule that gently exfoliates to reveal fresh new cells, diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and targets hyperpigmented spots and acne for a more even skin tone.

  • 2013


    Another NEOSTRATA® innovation, this revolutionary technology helps to reinforce the skin’s matrix to volumize, plump and firm skin for a more lifted appearance.
  • Today


    Is sold by doctors in 85 countries and has more than 100 publications and patents.

Everyone’s skin is unique

The success of your skincare routine begins with your skin type. We have created key collections based on our scientific research, all of which aim to achieve healthy-looking skin at every life stage.