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The Benefits of Serums

Serums are one of beauty’s best kept secrets. We all want to know what the benefits are of these bottles of golden goodness and how to use them with efficacy.

We want to share some of the top benefits of serums and how to use them to achieve glowing skin.

Serums are thin, concentrated oils delivering a targeted amount of active ingredients that miraculously lock in moisture. Don’t be deterred by oil-based serums, they allow ingredients to deeply penetrate the skin and protect it from the impact of daily living.

Some may not agree that both a moisturiser and serum are needed, but the benefits of a serum differ to those of your daily moisturiser. Using them both in conjunction is very valuable for overall skin health, and should make up part of your daily skincare regime.

Face serums: Why should we use them?

Intense absorption

We often apply moisturiser after cleansing, only to feel the moisture is just sitting on the surface, or that your skin feels dry or tight soon after application. With serums, this is not the case. Their light formula is easy for the skin to absorb, making sure the active ingredients pave the way for your skin to absorb the benefits of your moisturiser. Essentially, serums maximise the benefits of all other products you apply onto your skin.

Sooth and nourish

Your daily skincare regime is part of selfcare and an important aspect of maintaining overall physical wellbeing and really, just being kind to yourself. Face serums are instrumental in soothing sensitive areas, especially if you are prone to oiliness or skin outbreaks. The tactile experience of applying serum makes your skin feel loved and nourished.

It boosts collagen

Face serum gives the collagen in your skin a boost, helping to keep it firm and also plumping out fine lines and wrinkles. It’s natural for your skin to start showing signs of maturation as you age. This may include, fine lines or wrinkles, but if the skin is full, signs of ageing are lessened. The benefits of using a serum mean your skin will appear more radiant and full of colour. Neostrata® Skin Active Firming Tri Therapy Lifting Serum is designed specifically to help combat the signs of ageing and to provide a firm, lifted appearance.

Environmental protection

Consider a face serum to be your armour against the inevitable daily effects of living. The active ingredients in Neostrata® Correct Antioxidant Defense Serum are formulated to help skin stay protected against pollution, smog and other environmental factors. Active ingredients Antioxidant Complex, Citric Acid, Maltobionic Acid, PHA Blend, Vitamin C are what make this serum a powerhouse for protection and antiaging.

Serums are sacrosanct

Beauty regimes can sometimes be slow to show results. You may lose momentum before you begin to reap the benefits of using a serum. If you’re looking for a skincare product that will work quickly and efficiently, serums are a must-have on your beauty regime to-do list.

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