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NeoStrata® Correct Range

As we all settle into our new normal, I’m finding great delight in prioritising sleep again. I don’t know if it’s my house but even the kids are settling down easier at the end of each day – it’s no longer the long-winded, tearful battle of early lockdown days… which, I must say, took me by surprise as both kids are generally good sleepers. With hindsight, I now see that I too was falling victim to broken sleep patterns, long nights and late mornings and yes, even the odd meltdown here and there. 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved to sleep. I was in boarding school since the age of eleven so a bedtime routine is something that’s very familiar to me. As a young adult (early twenties), all that went out the window as I relished nights that never quite ended. These days my life is completely different and going to bed and falling into uninterrupted sleep early is a luxury I don’t take for granted.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been adding the Neostrata Correct Range trio to my nighttime skincare routine. Targeting daily environmental aggressors and free radicals as well as signs of premature ageing like uneven skin tone and texture and fine lines, the products work with the well-known philosophy that skin best renews itself while we sleep.

Here’s how I apply the products:

After cleansing my face in the evening, I apply the Comprehensive Retinol 0.3% Night Serum (R1 625). This product’s formulation combines retinol with NeoGlucosamine and Hyaluronic Acid to synergistically intensify the skin’s hydrating matrix for a firmer look.

Next, I apply the sublime Overnight Anti-Pollution Treatment (R1 110), which is a powerful antioxidant overnight treatment that targets dull skin, rough texture and generally stressed skin due to daily harsh environmental elements like pollution. With Polyhydroxy Acids (8%) to gently exfoliate skin; Antioxidant Lilac Plant Cell Extract, which has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, and a hydration blend of Amino Acid and Evening Primrose Oil to hydrate and support skin’s barrier function, it’s a welcome follow-up to retinol, which can dry out some skin types.

Lastly, one small drop of the Comprehensive Retinol Eye Cream (R1 110) is enough to gently press below the lower eye lid (not the top lid). It’s a luxurious texture that gives a comforting finish to the routine. I like to wait at least half an hour before getting into bed because I’m paranoid all this product will end up on my pillowcase!

I’ve definitely notices smoother, calmer looking skin in the mornings. I make sure to wear sunscreen each day and generally stay out of the sun. The biggest difference has been around my eye area. I feel like the entire area is well hydrated and less tired.

 *The range Neostrata Correct is suitable for all skin types. Please do not use the retinol serum and eye cream if you are pregnant of breastfeeding.

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This post was written by Nokulinda Mkhize from The Matte Project.

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