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Facial Cleansers 101 with Neostrata

At the end of a long day, nothing feels quite as good as cleansing your face. Removing every trace of dirt, sweat and makeup allows the skin to breathe, repair and renew itself. Choosing the right facial cleansers to do the job is key. Having a spotless surface also helps your other skin care products, such as moisturisers and serums, penetrate your skin more deeply and perform their tasks more efficiently. As the first step in your skin care ritual, it’s important to nail this part before even thinking about what serums and anti-aging creams to use.

Choosing the right facial cleanser for your skin type

Just as important as the cleansing action, it’s essential to choose the best cleanser for your unique skin type and needs. With so many cleansing options available, each one gives different benefits. If you have a normal skin type, feel free to try any type of facial cleanser as long as your skin tolerates it. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and get influence by marketing claims but picking one that suits your skin can be an intimidating task. No need to fret, we will explain the different types of facial cleansers and their benefits in this blog post. Knowing the difference between each type makes it easier to filter your options and look for the perfect cleanser.

Gel Facial Cleansers

Without stating the obvious, gel facial cleansers are clear and, as the name suggests, have a gel-like consistency. These are generally designed for deep cleansing. They are effective at decongesting clogged pores, removing excess oil and killing acne-causing bacteria. This is thanks to their antiseptic and exfoliating properties.

Neostrata has formulated the Clarify Mandelic Cleanser which falls under the gel facial cleanser category. This is a highly-effective soap-free cleanser which uses Mandelic acid, a gentle Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) ideal for naturally exfoliating oily skin.

Cream Facial Cleansers

Just like gel cleansers, cream cleansers are pretty much exactly that—creamy and lush in texture. Nesotrata ENLIGHTEN Ultra Brightening Cleanser is a gentle, non-drying cleanser that removes all traces of make-up, dirt and oil. It also brightens and refreshes skin.

Cream cleansers also tend to be gentler and more hydrating than other cleansers, making them ideal for dry or sensitive skin. Cream facial cleansers work hard to gently cleanse your skin without stripping it of its natural oils. They also make a great second-step cleanser if you’re into double cleansing.

Foaming/Mousse Cleansers

Foam or mousse facial cleansers are in between gel and cream cleansers. This is what makes them ideal for combination skin types. They start out as cream or gel and burst into a rich, foamy lather. They remove excess oil as effectively as gel cleansers. If you have layers of makeup on after a long day, or sunscreen after a day at the beach, a foam cleanser will do the trick as a powerful cleanser to wash it all away.

Our Resurface Glycolic Mousse Cleanser, suitable for both normal or oily skin types, is designed to deliver the benefits of Glycolic Acid and Bionic Acid while causing no irritation.

Neostrata recognises that every type of skin requires a specific key ingredient in order to benefit fully. Our skin is our largest organ and shouldn’t be overlooked, especially when it comes to correct cleansing.