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Day Cream for Timeless Radiance: Embrace the Power of Neostrata’s Matrix Support

Moisturising with a high-quality day cream is one of the most crucial steps in any skincare routine. It helps to keep our skin hydrated and healthy-looking, while protecting it from environmental stressors like pollution and UV rays. A good day cream can also help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin texture and even out skin tone. With Neostrata’s Skin Active Repair Matrix Support, you can have peace of mind knowing that your skin receives the promise of a rejuvenated and radiant complexion, while providing it with the protective and gentle care it deserves.

What is the Matrix Support Day Cream?

As a multi-purpose antiaging cream, Neostrata’s Matrix Support is designed to improve skin texture, address uneven tone and enhance the overall health of your skin. Crafted with precision to target the skin’s hydrating matrix, it serves as your key to unlocking a radiant and youthful complexion.

What does the Matrix Support Day Cream do?

This lavish day cream, with a luxurious medium-weight feel, zeroes in on the skin’s hydrating matrix. Packed with top-tier anti-aging ingredients – NeoGlucosamine® and Retinol – it tackles advanced fine lines and wrinkles, addresses firmness concerns, clarifies discolouration and renews overall skin texture. With broad-spectrum SPF 30 sun protection, it acts as your skin’s preventative and protective shield against further damage.

Key Ingredients and Benefits

This advanced formulation contains clinically proven antiaging technologies to help hydrate and strengthen the skin’s support matrix.

8% NeoGlucosamine®

A non-acid amino sugar that alleviates discolouration for a more even skin tone while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. NeoGlucosamine® is a building block of the skin’s natural Hyaluronic Acid and helps to promote visible firming of the skin.

0.1% Retinol

A form of vitamin A, Retinol helps to smooth fine lines and wrinkles while reducing the appearance of uneven pigmentation.

Together, NeoGlucosamine and Retinol work wonders to increase firmness and target skin discolouration.

Antioxidant complex

Helps to neutralise free radicals.

UVA/UVB filters

Shield the skin from everyday sun exposure.

Experience the Transformative Effects

After 16 weeks of twice-daily use of Neostrata’s Matrix Support antiaging cream, you can expect:

  • A smoother skin texture – Feel the difference as your skin becomes noticeably smoother to the touch.

  • Visibly firmer and more radiant skin – Experience a newfound firmness and radiance that speaks volumes about your skin’s youthful glow.

  • Less noticeable wrinkles – Bid adieu to fine lines and wrinkles as the Matrix Support works its magic on advanced signs of aging.

  • Fewer apparent brown spots – Revel in a more even complexion with a reduction in the appearance of discolouration.

How to apply the Matrix Support Day Cream

  • 15 minutes before sun exposure, smooth 1 to 2 pumps of the Matrix Support day cream to a cleansed face and neck.

  • Reapply additional sunscreen at least every 2 hours for consistent coverage during prolonged outdoor exposure

  • Pro tip: Enhance your makeup look by allowing a few minutes for the Matrix Support to absorb into the skin before applying foundation or primer.

Neostrata’s Skin Active Repair Matrix Support with broad-spectrum SPF 30 is more than an antiaging cream – it’s a journey toward radiant and revitalised skin. Wave goodbye to the visible signs of aging and embrace the transformative power of Neostrata’s commitment to healthy, glowing skin. Your skin deserves the best, and with Neostrata’s Matrix Support, you can give it the gift of timeless radiance.